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Community description:A community for photographers who want to expand their skill set and share their work.

Welcome to Shutterbugs! This community is for photographers who want to expand their skills sets by receiving constructive criticism or for people who just love viewing photographs. It is also a place to share resources, talk about equipment, and network with other photographers! If you are interested in joining this community, please read the following rules and apply for membership!

1. Accounts newly created with little content will not be accepted. We want an active community of people who enjoy photography and are willing to express their opinions.

2. Members are required to introduce themselves to the community. Your intro should be at least 2 full paragraphs explaining your style, the type of equipment you use, and what you want to learn from the community. For those who just like to watch, please let us know what your favorite subject in photography is and why you enjoy it so much.

3. Pictures larger than 800 pixels both in width and length must be posted behind a cut.

4. Pictures which exceed 400 kilobytes will be posted under a cut.

5. When posting numerous images, please post only one image and then put the rest behind a cut.

6. Pictures containing nudity should be posted behind a cut and restricted to members that are 18+.

7. If you want to comment you are encouraged to do so-- but remember to be constructive in your critiques and remember that there is a person behind the photo.

8. When in doubt use a cut!

9. Use the appropriate tags for your posts.

10. If you are looking for a critique you can add HCW (Honest/Harsh Critique Welcome) to the subject line of your post. This will let other members know that you don't want them to sugarcoat their comments. This is a great way to receive feedback because sometimes the most scathing critiques are the most helpful. Keep in mind that honest, means honest and does not mean you can be mean or disrespectful!

Rules can be changed at the discretion of the maintainers.
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